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Our Belief

At Starschema we believe that data has the power to change the world and data-driven organizations are leading the way. We help organizations use data to make better business decisions, build smarter products, and deliver more value for their customers, employees and investors. We dig into our customers' toughest business problems, design solutions and build the technology needed to compete and profit in a data-driven world.

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Our Mission

In data we trust. Data is a source of truth but the truth is often hidden. Even with the best tools, it’s hard to find and access that truth so your people can make the best decisions. Our mission is to help you get at that truth — to apply the latest technologies, methods and knowledge to your data challenges and build fast, scalable solutions that make your people more effective and company more profitable.

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Our Promise

You have the data, now’s time to extract maximum value from it. We promise to provide industry-leading experts to evaluate your needs and design and build the highest quality scalable solutions that have a real impact on your business.





Tamás Földi and Péter Csillag establish Starschema

Shifted business focus to specialize in emerging big data technologies: Hadoop, Tableau, Talend, Greenplum

Partnered with SAP



Partnered with Tableau

237% growth from 8 to 27 employees



111% growth from 27 to 57 employees

Tamás Földi recognized as Tableau Zen master for the first time

100% growth for the third consecutive year — from 57 to 132 employees

Ranked #1590 on Inc. Fast 5000 in Europe

Launched the Palette suite of products with Palette Insights

Tamás Földi recognized as Tableau Zen master for the second time


Ranked #1535 on Inc. Fast 5000 in Europe — second consecutive year on list

Awarded Deloitte Fast 500 Europe

Awarded the most innovative company in Hungary for Real Time Datalake Solution

Tamás Földi recognized as Tableau Zen master for the third consecutive year

Launched Palette Rescue

Recognized by Budapest Stock Exchange – Top 50 Prosperous Companies

Licensed as AWS reseller


572% revenue growth — 2016 through 2018

Acquired Brilliant Data — San Francisco based innovation hub

Secured private equity investment for US expansion

Opened US office in Washington DC

Ranked #1280 on Inc. 5000 Europe — third consecutive year on list

Awarded AON – Best Employer, Hungary

Péter Csillag receives the Tibor Gyurós Award — Information Manager of the Year

Tamás Földi recognized as Tableau Zen master for the fourth consecutive year

Became founding members of Artificial Intelligence Coalition of Hungary



Over 1500 private and public organizations relied on Starschema’s COVID-19 data set as a single source of truth for their pandemic response.

Tamás Földi inducted into the Tableau Zen Master Hall of Fame. Voted “Best ICT Company in 2021” by an industry panel assembled by ITBUSINESS magazine.


Entered into an agreement to be acquired by leading global tech company HCL Technologies.


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