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Automated machine learning platform

About AION

AION combines AutoML and data science to offer you a robust, automated platform for applying machine learning to real-world problems. It provides the capability to rapidly build prototypes for solving business problems.

AION provides analytics as a service to generate operational efficiencies and drive intelligent business decisions. It addresses the key technology challenges related with automation of AI workflows and empowers you to focus on the outcome of the analytics process instead of building and managing the workflows.


• Reduced time to insight by up to 70% for up to 80% of analytics problem types

• Easy access to the best of machine and deep learning algorithms, with 40+ algorithms and performance tuning techniques for AI models

• Reduced development effort by up to 40% when building AI solutions

• Flexible deployment options for
edge, embedded, web service and container-based deployments

• Up to 30% reduction in deployment efforts