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Boardwiser NLG

Automated anomaly detection and summation

About Boardwiser NLG

Boardwiser NLG incorporates best-in-class machine learning and natural-language generation (NLG) to ensure that the relevant driver factors behind KPI changes are detected and communicated without the need for manual analysis. It automatically and accurately identifies report-worthy outliers and summarizes them for easy subsequent analysis and reporting.


  • Automatically receive natural-language-generated explanations and summaries of key events in an easy-to-consume way.
  • Free up analysts from manually digging through countless dashboards so they can focus on tasks where human input adds the greatest value.
  • Ensure that all relevant changes in your data are identified and explained clearly and in a timely manner, without unnecessary noise.
  • Provide a constant stream of insights to uncover opportunities for improving systems, processes and products.