Elements for Tableau

Enterprise-class write-back and dashboard collaboration

Elements is an enterprise-class Tableau extension that enables you to write-back and annotate data directly from your dashboards. By removing friction from the data analysis process your entire team can realize greater productivity and deeper insights at greater frequency.

Discover how in-dashboard write-back and annotations can help unlock Tableau collaboration today.


Transform Dashboards 

Gain faster and better insights by eliminating inefficient and cumbersome data review and communication processes. Analyze, discuss and enrich data together, directly in Tableau, rather than resorting to email or another collaboration tool.

Annotate Data 

You can use annotations as additional data next to the raw and aggregated data in Tableau and as a replacement for the original data, virtually overwriting it in the dashboard. All annotations are stored in a separate auditable database and can be reverted anytime.

Comment Anywhere

Tailor annotations to specific use cases, from simple commenting to complex surveys. Using the extension’s handy form builder, administrators can create custom UIs from atomic building blocks — text fields, checkboxes, drop-down lists, etc.

Manage Access

Precisely control who can add annotations, approve comments or configure the system. Multitenancy isolates Tableau-based work and data for different departments and groups.

Ensure Security and Compliance 

With its own database, the extension ensures that no data leaves your premises and provides full storage control and audit capabilities. For added data accuracy and security, you can integrate an approval workflow to ensure that comments are reviewed before publishing.

Export and Import Excel

With the Excel integration feature, Elements enables you to export tables from Tableau, bulk edit them in Excel and load them back through the extension to have all their newly-added annotations/edits available in Tableau.


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Improve Insight Discovery

By enabling team collaboration to take place in Tableau directly where the data is being viewed – your dashboards and reports – Elements promotes team engagement with data and results in more frequent discovery of insights.

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Better Decisions, Faster

Enterprise-grade write-back and annotation features enable collaborative Tableau-based workflows that better serve the unique needs of users and management. This improves time to decision and organizational effectiveness.

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Keep You Data Secure

Elements stores annotations in a separate, auditable database and provides compliance-ready features – including customizable approval processes and permission controls – for the most demanding industries and applications.

Feature Overview

User Experience

  • Annotate complex aggregated and raw data along with its dimensions.
  • Managed data source option available for easy deployment and maintenance.
  • Easy-to-use form builder with multiple input field types: text box (including rich text), radio button, checkbox, drop-down list, number field, sliders, autocomplete field, etc.
  • Commenting via modal windows for efficient user experience.
  • Excel integration enables exporting and importing formatted tables for bulk editing and more.
  • Dashboard attachments introduce file manager functionality to Tableau.

Security and Compliance

  • Best-in-class features promote compliance with enterprise data security regulations and protocols.
  • A single external database records comments and annotations — your data never leaves your premises.
  • Secure approval workflow supporting multiple approvers is integrated into the commenting process.
  • Enterprise-grade access management with full control over user and group permissions.
  • Authenticate users through preferred methods including AD, SAML, OAuth and Okta.
  • Multitenant architecture provides isolated workspaces for departments, divisions or teams.
  • Fully audit-compliant with a complete history of comments and user activity.