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Agile Manufacturing – Improving efficiency, forecasting & quality with AI

Telco Location Data Monetization

A global telecommunications company opened a new revenue stream and made it profitable in just two years.

IoT Data Lake on Azure Infrastructure

A leading European logistics company increased profits by using vehicle telemetry data to optimize routes and driver performance.

Cloud Security Best Practices That Organizations Often Overlook When Migrating

This white paper goes beyond cloud providers' documentation to introduce best practices that will help your organization ensure a comprehensive security solution for a cloud environment at optimal long-term cost. 

A Better View of Operations for A Glimmer of Hope

A Glimmer of Hope, an American non-profit philanthropic organization, generates large volumes of data during its day-to-day operation, and wanted to effectively track the outcomes and impact of their programmatic work, improve operational efficiency, optimize costs and allow donors to see the full impact of their donations.