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Design System Development and Implementation

Case Study


A Fortune 10 technology company had an extensive Tableau deployment with many users, designers and developers across multiple teams and departments, that introduced a lot of inconsistency and inefficiency into the dashboard production process. This was delaying decision-making and negatively impacting the quality of the eventual decisions due in large part to a lack of a common language for communicating data insights. In addition, the fragmented dashboard-building process introduced increasing wastefulness in the form of redundancies, necessary debugging and surface-level fixes that could have been prevented with better planned and built dashboards.

Seeking to improve the usability of Tableau dashboards and rationalize the workflows for creating them, the company reached out to HCLTech Starschema, a longtime collaborator on internal reporting, to help develop a solution.

Practice Area

  • Data Visualization

Business Impact

  • Better and faster decisions thanks to higher-quality dashboards
  • Greater value from Tableau through improved platform engagement


  • Ensure consistency while maintaining flexibility and scalability
  • Accommodate user needs across multiple teams and departments
  • Provide built-in assets that help apply brand guidelines to Tableau


  • Tableau
  • TabCSS
Design System Development and Implementation


Design System Development and Implementation


Design System Development and Implementation


Ask the Expert

Hanna Békefi

Data Visualization Expert

Hanna is a data visualization expert at HCLTech Starschema with a focus on UX and visual design. With a keen eye for design, Hanna’s main goal is to make dashboards both functional and visually appealing. You might also occasionally find her sketching and dabbling in code.

Békefi Hanna