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Fast, Actionable Financial Insights

Case Study


Changes in the global business environment have driven an acceleration in traditional corporate time cycles – including in the time necessary to get insights and make decisions based on them. For CFOs and other high-level financial decision-makers, this has made the process of loading and clicking through even modern dashboard-based visualization tools often slow and cumbersome.

In response to these changes, a global American software company approached Starschema about developing a solution for personalized, easily accessible and highly actionable financial insights.

Practice Areas

  • Data Visualization
  • Software Engineering

Business Impact

  • Improved financial decision-making


  • Insufficient time to insight and actionability from dashboards
  • Need for proprietary UI and functionality


  • Python
  • SwiftUI
  • Azure Data Factory
Fast, Actionable Financial Insights


Fast, Actionable Financial Insights


Fast, Actionable Financial Insights


Ask the Expert

Szilárd Huber

Delivery Lead

Szilard is responsible for software engineering projects at Starschema and has lead the development of products like Reportal and Palette Rescue in addition to delivering projects for major multinational clients.

He has 20+ years of experience in the field and has contributed to the development of world-class software products at various companies. Relying on his first-hand experience with a wide variety of technologies and programming languages, he puts his knowledge to use during architecture planning as well.

Huber Szilárd