Improving Data-driven App Development at Reduced Cost

Practice Area

  • Software Engineering

Business Impacts

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Greater productivity
  • Improved decison-making


  • Exceed performance of leading enterprise software
  • Automate integration of client’s IAM solution
  • Enable Git push-to-deploy for user-built apps


  • GoLang
  • React
  • Formik
  • PostgreSQL
  • RTK Query
  • Dokku PaaS


A business insights team at a Fortune 5 technology company was not getting the value it needed from its enterprise analytics and visualization solution. The packaged application-builder had proved cumbersome for the development of internal applications, as each app required additional coding to implement the desired access control. In addition, although the suite offered wide-ranging functionality, a considerable portion of it was under- or unutilized by the organization. These drawbacks, combined with the solution’s high annual licensing fee, motivated the team to find an alternative. After looking at a variety of other packaged offerings and speaking with vendors that could deliver custom solutions, the team chose to work with Starschema.

Improving Data-driven App Development at Reduced Cost


Improving Data-driven App Development at Reduced Cost


Improving Data-driven App Development at Reduced Cost


Ask the Expert

Fanni Rákosi

Software Developer Team Lead

Fanni leads engineering teams that deliver large and small software development projects for multinational organizations. Her aim is to deliver flexible, highly end-user-focused enterprise-grade software tailored to the client's unique needs. As a developer, Fanni has contributed to the development of dozens of software products at various companies and helped to build Reportal, Starschema’s enterprise BI asset curation and data storytelling platform.

Rákosi Fanni
Fast, Customized Data Visualizations Using Reportal

A global technology-focused investment management firm launched an initiative to upgrade their BI toolset. The team identified two key areas for improvement: visualizations were taking too long to display the requested information and the limited feature set made it impossible to build charts with the desired level of customization.

Improving Time-to-Insight with Elements for Tableau

At a Fortune 5 technology company, whenever Tableau users noticed data inconsistencies and irregularities, they had to go through a cumbersome process of going all the way back to the source of the data to question and update it. To reduce time-to-insight, they wanted to be able to write back to the data source, annotate the data and discuss the data point directly from the Tableau dashboard itself.

Consolidating ERP and BI Systems for International Logistics

Rising parcel quantities and the international coordination of deliveries placed considerable demands on the fragmented ERP and BI systems of Hungary's leading delivery service provider. To ensure the necessary insights for decision-makers, our client turned to Starschema to create a unified operational framework that would ensure the rapid, uninterrupted flow and reportability of business-critical information.