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IoT Data Lake on Azure Infrastructure

Case Study


A European leader in full truckload transportation operates over 4,000 trucks and utilizes an on-board system with an extensive array of telemetric sensors to collect and store data about each vehicle. To be able to effectively leverage such a massive amount of data to drive business decisions, the company needed a solution to feed the data into a data warehouse, and from there into a tool that would enable analysis, feedback and decision-making.

Practice Area

  • Data Engineering

Business Impact

  • Cost savings and increased profit through more effective route planning
  • Better driver performance via a fine-tuned incentive system and more informed decisions by dispatchers


  • Move all telemetry data from IoT device provider’s system into Azure
  • Simultaneously feed XML files queried and stored through REST API into an archive storage and — while read — into a database.
  • Create detailed data dictionary for previously unused data


  • Azure SQL Server
  • Azure Data Lake Store
  • Azure Analysis Services
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Web Apps
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Power BI
IoT Data Lake on Azure Infrastructure


IoT Data Lake on Azure Infrastructure


IoT Data Lake on Azure Infrastructure


Ask the Expert

Viktor Magony

Delivery Manager

Viktor has over a decade of experience delivering development projects in finance, logistics and retail fields as a consultant, business analyst and project manager. He and his project team custom-build highly performant data warehousing solutions and enterprise data lakes for clients to ensure quick and reliable data for BI and reporting needs.

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