Secure Extension Gallery for Tableau

Take full control over your Tableau extensions security

Security is crucial when working with Tableau extensions. While these extensions can access the visible and the underlying data in a dashboard, they can also communicate with other applications and services hosted anywhere in the world, potentially transferring the data outside the company. Large corporations often do not allow such extensions to be enabled in their Tableau environments. To address this, Tableau introduced sandboxed extensions that run in a protected environment. This completely eliminates the risk of data exfiltration, but these extensions cannot access reliable and beneficial external resources either, resulting in lack of functionality and a much less useful extension.

Starschema’s Secure Extension Gallery for Tableau bridges the gap between the fully opened network-enabled extensions and the very restrictive sandboxed extensions. With Secure Extension Gallery, a company can build a Tableau extension gallery of approved extensions that can be configured to only communicate with trusted external resources. An approval workflow can ensure that only authorized individuals can perform actions in the gallery, and provides additional security. This approach ensures robust security without compromising the functionality of trusted Tableau extensions.

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Manage your trusted extensions easily

Starschema’s Secure Extension Gallery provides a simple and clean web user interface for adding and configuring Tableau extensions in the secure gallery. As an administrator, you can specify the basic attributes for each extension (name, author, version, description, etc.), and you can whitelist those external resources (e.g., app servers), which are required for the extension to run properly. Once set, enable the extension and others can start using it.

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  • Custom gallery of sandboxed Tableau extensions
  • Ability to whitelist trusted external resources
  • Find extensions by name, description or author
  • Sleek web user interface for easy administration
  • Simple and secure access through multiple authentication methods (Basic, AD, OAuth)

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