Starschema Antares iDL™

At large enterprises, data resides in hundreds, sometimes thousands, of separate systems consisting of a combination of open-source, proprietary and tailored solutions — each with its own data model, speed, availability, and cost. How can this diversity — and the peak performance it delivers — be retained, while supporting one data visualization, data science and the ML/AI applications with one platform?

Starschema’s unique Antares data lake design is driven by a fully standardized internal model and offers the flexibility of accommodating an enormous range of enterprise systems as data sources.

In this white paper, we describe how our data lake design

  • Provides real-time ingestion
  • Ensures metadata management and data quality
  • Incorporates automation, DevOps and Application Lifecycle Management
  • Secures your data and helps meet compliance requirements

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Telco Location Data Monetization

A global telecommunications company opened a new revenue stream and made it profitable in just two years.

Streamlined Enterprise Accounting with a Data as a Service Framework

A Fortune 50 conglomerate was not satisfied with its ability to serve internal customers’ data needs and track the costs associated with data requests. To achieve improved data access, as well as transparency and accuracy in intra-conglomerate financial affairs, they needed a flexible, metadata-driven solution.

Enterprise-Scale AWS Cloud Migration

Our client, a Fortune 50 energy company needed to migrate all their existing data and analytics platforms to Amazon Web Services and redesign the existing architecture to leverage AWS-native technologies. This was an initiative to optimize performance and reduce long-term operation costs by taking advantage of recent advancements with AWS cloud-native solutions.

Starschema HealthLake

Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) is an indispensable part of managing and delivering healthcare services but patient data handling is highly regulated, presenting a challenge to practitioners. Learn how Starschema HealthLake can ensure compliance with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) while streamlining analytics.