Enabling Tableau License Key Control and Automation

Common Licensing Challenges

In large Tableau deployments, accounting for and maintaining licenses can be challenging:

  • Users may hold on to licenses without using them or fail to surrender them after leaving the company.
  • In extreme cases, users may even intentionally steal accounts or request license keys for unauthorized third parties.
  • Users can register the key with any information they choose, making it impossible to identify missing or unreliable license key holder information.
  • Starschema’s Manager for Tableau, available for both Windows and OS X operating systems, ensures effective protection for your enterprise.


  • Automated Tableau installation and license key issuance.
  • An up-to-date audit-ready database of license key holders.
  • Enterprise-grade authentication element for license key issuance.
  • License key theft prevention by utilizing Tableau’s Authorized-To-Run (ATR) system.
  • Starschema’s Manager for Tableau, available for both Windows and OS X operating systems, ensures effective protection for your enterprise.

How it Works

Tableau License Manager leverages Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication or any enterprise-grade authentication layer to authenticate the user, then utilizes the user information within their organizational account to produce consistent and reliable database of users currently holding a Tableau License Key. This single source of truth is periodically synchronized with Tableau’s Salesforce instance to ensure the database is up to date in the event that the Server Admin issues a license key manually without using the automated installer. More importantly, it automates the entire installation and activation parts using p-values in the backend, therefore requiring no input from the user throughout the entire installation process besides authentication.


Manager Architecture

Contact an expert:
Soma Osvay
Lead Software Architect

Manager for Tableau

Manager is a powerful and flexible Tableau Server extension that enables administrators to automate repetitive license and content management tasks by defining rule-based jobs with triggers and conditions that execute actions based on events or run periodically.

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