Understanding Topic Modeling and Planning Its Implementation

Large organizations generate massive amounts of data – but often leave much of it underutilized. This is typically because they lack both the expertise to identify opportunities for more effective data utilization and the technology to take advantage of them.

Topic modeling, a practical application of data science, offers a proven and flexible solution for the analysis of text-based data to leverage insights that are difficult to extract and understand. The insights that topic modeling reveals can help you optimize costs, improve operations and drive innovation.

Read this white paper to understand the fundamentals of topic modeling and learn how to get started implementing it for your own needs.

This white paper will show you

  • what topic modeling is;
  • how topic modeling helps you gain insights from textual data;
  • how topic modeling can help you reach specific business goals.

This white paper will help you

  • develop a basic working understanding of topic modeling;
  • identify opportunities for using topic modeling;
  • ensure the effective implementation of topic modeling.

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