Elements for Tableau

Write-back and dashboard collaboration for healthcare analytics

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Elements for Tableau FOR HEALTHCARE

Annotate Data

Comment Anywhere

Ensure Security and Compliance

Elements for Tableau FOR HEALTHCARE

Manage Access

Elements for Tableau FOR HEALTHCARE

Tag and Notify Users

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Security and Compliance

  • Best-in-class, HIPAA-ready features promote compliance with enterprise data security regulations and protocols.
  • A single external database records comments and annotations — your data never leaves your premises.
  • Secure approval workflow supporting multiple approvers is integrated into the commenting process.
  • Enterprise-grade access management with full control over user and group permissions.
  • Authenticate users through preferred methods including AD, SAML, OAuth and Okta.
  • Multitenant architecture provides isolated workspaces for departments, divisions or teams.
  • Fully audit-compliant with a complete history of comments and user activity.

User Experience

  • Annotate complex aggregated and raw data along with its dimensions.
  • Managed data source option available for easy deployment and maintenance.
  • Easy-to-use form builder with multiple input field types: text box (including rich text), radio button, checkbox, drop-down list, number field, sliders, autocomplete field, etc.
  • Commenting via modal windows for efficient user experience.
  • Excel integration enables exporting and importing formatted tables for bulk editing and more.
  • Dashboard attachments introduce file manager functionality to Tableau.

Ask the Expert

Soma Osvay

Lead Software Architect

Soma Osvay is a lead software architect at Starschema and a master of Tableau APIs, extensions, customizations and undocumented features. Drawing on his deep expertise in Tableau Server-related solutions, Soma has created numerous applications that tightly integrate with Tableau. Soma’s passion extends beyond software development to IT security and has frequently helped improve Tableau features by auditing the security of sandboxed extensions and reporting security bugs to Tableau.

Soma Osvay