Tableau Server automation for optimized cost and performance

Key Benefits

Optimize License Costs

Identify, analyze and automatically act on opportunities to save money on licenses.

Increase Dashboard Speed

Ensure abundant query resources by identifying and retiring unused and outdated dashboards.

Improve Usability

Expand and streamline user options for role management, dashboard help and exporting.

Manager for Tableau

Manage Users and Licenses

Manager for Tableau can drastically reduce manual tasks and unnecessary expenses by enabling Tableau Server administrators to automatically identify and deactivate or change user licenses that meet the organization’s criteria for inactivity or underutilization. Similarly, the extension can automatically activate new licensed users and update a user’s role based on activity history. Detailed reports provide administrators with a list of inactive or underutilized licenses and opportunities for cost savings.

Automate Dashboard and Report Governance

Administrators can set up dynamic notifications that are triggered when dashboards are getting little to no use, or when they may be negatively impacting system performance with unnecessary querying. Manager can free up the resources taken up by such content by automatically migrating and archiving dashboards that qualify as stale or abandoned under the administrator-defined ruleset. These features can greatly reduce otherwise time-consuming manual tasks, such as reassigning and migrating dashboards upon the owner’s departure from the organization.

Manager for Tableau

Display notifications on Tableau Server

Tableau Server administrators can handle all related communications, including direct communications and automated outage notifications directly on Tableau Server. And if Tableau Server should ever go down, Tableau Manager will be available for you and your users to see statuses and communicate.

Feature Overview

  • Flexible, rule-based automation of user and content management for Tableau Server
  • Rules can be run for sites, roles and members of groups
  • Compatible with Tableau Server version 2018.1 and above


  • Simple and secure access through multiple authentication methods (Basic, AD w/SSO, OAuth, Okta, etc.)
  • Transparent and auditable for uncompromising security compliance
  • Fully network-locked in an on-premises environment
  • Standard web-based application hosted on its own server
  • Does not directly communicate with Tableau Servers
  • Tableau security applied to Servers remains uncompromised


  • Easy-to-use web-based user interface for easy administration
  • Dynamic notifications for admins for constant situational awareness of automated tasks
  • Notifications for users about planned outages, maintenance windows, etc. directly in Tableau Server
  • Fallback status page in case Tableau Server goes down
  • Step-by-step guide to adding Servers
  • Only requires a quick, non-invasive patch

Custom Feature Development

Manager can function as a platform for deep and extensive customization. At its core, the extension is an enterprise-class extension for managing and patching Servers that programmatically enables a wide range of options for safe integration with Tableau Server.

Examples of custom features

  • Legacy content and license management: users leaving the organization may leave behind several dashboards — which normally need to be manually migrated and/or archived before their license can be deactivated. Manager can automate this process.
  • Performance and usage monitoring and alerting.
  • Chargeback calculation: Manager can accurately report resource
    utilization and spending for user groups and departments.
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Manager for Tableau

Manager is a powerful and flexible Tableau Server extension that enables administrators to automate repetitive license and content management tasks by defining rule-based jobs with triggers and conditions that execute actions based on events or run periodically.

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