Web-based curation and data storytelling for BI assets

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One Place for All Your Data


Tell the Story behind the Data


Get a Better View of the Data


Simplify Access and Ensure Security


Easy Configuration and Administration


Customize It

  • One web-based place for all your business-critical assets, including all major analytics platforms (Tableau, PowerBI, Plotly Dash, etc.)
  • Tell the story behind the data by adding narratives to your reports
  • Create new reports and combine existing ones
  • Promote collaboration and productivity by organizing reports and users into curated workspaces
  • Integrate a wide range of custom data sources and visualizations
  • Easily find and discover relevant content with smart search and recommendations
  • Use Reportal as a platform for easy custom development to tailor it to any environment and use cases
  • Variety of supported authentication methods including Single Sign-On (Microsoft AD, Google Auth, SAML, etc.)
  • On-premises, cloud and Kubernetes deployments
Supercharging Your Tableau Server Monitoring with Influx and Grafana

In this Tableau Server Admins User Group Meeting you will learn how to deploy an enterprise-grade monitoring solution for all of your Tableau Server environments, from operating system to application metrics, using open-source tools.

Enterprise-class Write-back and Dashboard Collaboration for Tableau

At the core of every data-driven organization is the ability to make data easy to access, share, discuss and act on. Elements for Tableau enables dashboard users to modify the data and collaborate directly from the dashboard. Watch this on-demand webinar to find out what Elements can do for you and your team.

Elements for Tableau

Elements for Tableau extends the Tableau dashboard experience by allowing users to both write-back to the data source and communicate about data — change a datapoint, have a discussion and show revision history — all directly from within Tableau dashboards.

Fast, Customized Data Visualizations Using Reportal

A global technology-focused investment management firm launched an initiative to upgrade their BI toolset. The team identified two key areas for improvement: visualizations were taking too long to display the requested information and the limited feature set made it impossible to build charts with the desired level of customization.