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Data Science & Visualization

Data Science & Visualization

Visual Analytics

In any organization, communicating data insights can be challenging. Many employees don’t have the requisite knowledge and understanding to “read” the data. This doesn’t have to hold you back. Fortunately, visual analytics allows the data insights to be presented in a visual, easy to understand manner making it easy for anyone to grasp and identify anomalies and patterns. Our data visualization specialists are experts in business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Power BI. They work to understand the clients’ business and construct interactive data visualizations and dashboards that can be used anyone in the organization. Whether you’re one of our Fortune 500 clients or a smaller business, our expertise gained though creating thousands of visuals will help you get maximum value from your data.

Data Science & Visualization

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

As the organization grows and availability of data increases, the human hours needed to digest the data grows and gaining insights becomes increasingly difficult. Through the implementation and continued usage of machine learning, this challenge can turn from burden to opportunity. Advanced analytics immediately provides deep insight from your data and autonomously creates micro-segments from that data that were previously thought impossible. Starschema builds machine and statistical learning models and enables advanced analytics to incorporate data insights into the actual workflow and decision making.

Data Science & Visualization

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

AI extends the capabilities of machine learning. By applying artificial intelligence, we reveal hidden opportunities, optimize processes, increase productivity and reduce costs. Tools like Tensorflow can transform your business by creating deep learning models designed for specific and unique business opportunities and challenges. Our data scientists use these AI models to reimagine your business process and construct AI powered analytical products unique to the specific use cases.


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Ask the Expert

Eszter Windhager-Pokol

Head of Data Science

Eszter holds a degree in Applied Mathematics and has years of experience supporting data-driven decision-making as a consultant, with additional experience researching collaboration filtering and developing user behavior analytics products for IT security purposes. Eszter regularly holds data science trainings for business users and teaches Mastering the Process of Data Science at CEU as a visiting faculty instructor.

Windhager Pokol Eszter
Data Science Project Planning Worksheet

This downloadable worksheet contains five categories of requirements and conditions that a client-side stakeholder in a project involving data science services needs to define to ensure timely delivery, optimized cost and valuable outcomes.

An Agile Framework for BI Dashboard Development

Learn how to applying Agile methods and principles to BI dashboard development to ensure higher-quality outcomes and more time- and cost-effective delivery compared to traditional waterfall-style project management.

On-demand Webinar: Tableau-based Workflows Most Data Leaders Don't Consider

Failing to take full advantage of Tableau to drive organizational effectiveness leads to unnecessary overhead for users and missed opportunities for innovation and profit. This webinar helps data leaders to identify and implement more effective approaches to using Tableau by demonstrating an ideal framework for dashboard-based workflows.