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Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Development Philosophy

Software should bring scalable value to the business that deploys it and we believe custom software should serve as a pillar for business success. We don’t develop software for software’s sake — we develop for business outcomes. We design and engineer software to solve business challenges and realize opportunities and focus on superior performance and user experience. Our custom software solutions have brought scalable success to Fortune 500 business, small startups and everything in between.

Software Engineering

AGILE Methodology

Agile development is a collaborative process of continual improvement that allows the flexibility needed to test software frequently to ensure quality, usability and performance. During frequent iteration bugs are squashed, new features added and user feedback collected — this is often verbal in early stages and through actual user actions recorded in analytics once deployed. Client can expect a collaborative and speedy development process that is flexible enough to adjust course frequently as insights are realized.

Software Engineering

Pair Programming

We employ extreme programming that is native to Agile methodologies which enables dual control of the coding process to ensure fully automated testing, simple and clear code, minimal errors and an easily adaptable process. Another great feature of this style is there are always two or more developers intimately knowledgeable about your code. Productivity is also boosted when developers are paired and receive 360 degree coaching.

Software Engineering


No matter what you build it’s going to have to be maintained. The best person to do this is the developers who built the system — not a lower cost less experienced asset. Our programmers run devops for the software they build. When the developer runs devops, bugs are squashed quickly and efficiently as corrections are made by the person with the full knowledge of the code. They immediately know if this is a bug that will likely appear elsewhere and know exactly where and how to implement proactive fixes. They are also the best person to add features and upgrades to the software for all the same reasons.


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Improving Predictive Accuracy

A Fortune 50 healthcare conglomerate wanted to improve the predictive model of a mobile application that helps those suffering from allergic rhinitis to make informed decisions about potential exposure to outdoor allergens by predicting symptom severity.

Fast, Customized Data Visualizations Using Reportal

A global technology-focused investment management firm launched an initiative to upgrade their BI toolset. The team identified two key areas for improvement: visualizations were taking too long to display the requested information and the limited feature set made it impossible to build charts with the desired level of customization.

Introducing the Stack of the Future for Modern Data Leaders

Fast unobstructed access to data and time to insight matters more now than ever. In these quickly changing times, businesses must innovate and implement a ‘Stack of the Future’ to be able to make accurate, data-driven decisions in minutes, not hours or days. The potential value of data is well known but in the new environment, the ability to easily share and collaborate on data is a competitive differentiator that will be leveraged by forward-thinking companies