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Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Data Strategy

Data strategy is integral to every organization’s operational plan and when done and executed well, it becomes a competitive advantage. Proper data strategy ensures the organization is extracting full value out of data to support its business objectives. We work with some of the most innovative and demanding clients who need to push the boundaries of data — they look to us for solutions. As a result, we must stay on top of the latest technologies, tools, techniques, systems, processes, workflows and possibilities. The knowledge and experience we gain though this work enables us to develop the right strategy for any organization — regardless of complexity or size. As implementation partners, we ensure that the data strategy executed properly and objectives realized within the organization.

Strategic Consulting

Data Governance

An effective data governance framework is the foundation of a successful data-driven organization. It sets the groundwork necessary to scale the use of data across the organization and plays a crucial role in system performance, security, storage, documentation and interpretation of the data — all leading to better more timely decisions. Our subject matter experts, consultants, engineers and developers are dedicated professionals whose sole mission is to help your organization build and benefit from a solid data governance framework.

Strategic Consulting

Data Literacy

The ability to read, understand, create and communicate data as information is a challenge for many people and in turn the business. The ability to analyze data and present it as information in an easy to understand way is an essential skill for people in roles across the organization. Transforming into a truly data-driven organization requires not only the ability to communicate with data, but to incorporate the information contained in data in the decision-making process at every level of the organization. We work closely with our clients and their people to put the right tools in place, make sure the data is flowing, and train employees so everyone understands how to get the most value from data. This results in a foundation of data-literacy across the organization.


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Ask the Expert

Gabor Tari

Delivery Leader

Gabor supports the delivery of fix-priced projects in the realm of data & analytics. He has more than a decade of experience designing, developing and supporting multiplatform data warehouses and reporting solutions, as well as optimizing architectures and data transformation processes. Understanding the fundamental technology challenges and gradual shifting towards people management enables him to assemble the best possible team for any project.

Tari Gábor
Better BI Decisions through Automated Reporting

To meet the demands of a rapidly evolving tobacco market, our client wanted to improve their reporting process for more accurate and timely insights. Their existing reports required a lot of manual work to prepare, and their quality regularly fell short of management’s expectations. To ensure that their BI environment would better serve the decision-making process, they reached out to Starschema for consulting services.

Streamlined Enterprise Accounting with a Data as a Service Framework

A Fortune 50 conglomerate was not satisfied with its ability to serve internal customers’ data needs and track the costs associated with data requests. To achieve improved data access, as well as transparency and accuracy in intra-conglomerate financial affairs, they needed a flexible, metadata-driven solution.

Consolidating ERP and BI Systems for International Logistics

Rising parcel quantities and the international coordination of deliveries placed considerable demands on the fragmented ERP and BI systems of Hungary's leading delivery service provider. To ensure the necessary insights for decision-makers, our client turned to Starschema to create a unified operational framework that would ensure the rapid, uninterrupted flow and reportability of business-critical information.