Organization from across the industry spectrum are turning to solutions like AI, ML and cloud computing to make better decisions and thrive in a highly competitive environment. Since every use case is unique, they require a custom approach to ensure maximum effectiveness. Built with the latest technologies and industry-specific experience, our solutions are tailored to your needs so you can unlock the full potential of your data.

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AWS Cloud Migration

Migrating even the largest enterprise environments to AWS cloud so you can quickly and fully leverage AWS-native solutions for competitive advantage.

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Starschema Antares iDL

Improve performance and reduce maintenance with this highly scalable intelligence data lake architecture.

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Reach your toughest goals and increase profits by automating and optimizing processes, generating predictive insights and reducing downtime.

Banking color Banking bw


Leverage the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to deliver measurable results in company performance.

Heathcare color Heathcare bw


Unlock the value hidden in clinical data using systems, visualizations and workflows developed by data scientists with clinical understanding.

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Implement innovative logistics solutions that keep you ahead of the competition and thriving with the help of our data scientists.

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COVID-19 Data Set

Get accurate, up-to-date intelligence to support real-time, data-driven decision-making in response to the pandemic.

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Managed Data Services

Reduce the operational costs of your data pipeline and ensure high availability and peak performance.

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Boardwiser NLG

Automate anomaly detection and get natural-language summaries of insights, with relevant context.