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Hundreds of companies — Fortune 10 through startups — rely on Tableau and Starschema to see, understand and use their data to drive business results.

Tableau and Starschema grew up together. And like kids we still push each other to do more, do it better and break through the limits. Every company has data — your competitors do. Those who get the most from their data win. In this data-driven world, using data better is a significant competitive advantage. This is why pushing the limits matters. Settle for no less.

If you choose Tableau to take your business to the next level, Starschema is here to help. Starschema's professional services implement enterprise-class feature enhancements for Tableau that dramatically improve performance and scalability.

Our Tableau solutions are engineered to bridge the gap between the out-of-the-box Tableau capabilities and the needs of our Fortune 500 clients. These solutions are cost-effective and can rapidly and easily be implemented in enterprise environments.

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Performance Optimization

Eliminate the performance-robbing bottlenecks hiding in your Tableau Server. Automatically expand your cluster with additional workers whenever loads spike without having to restart. Dedicate specific workers in a cluster to certain users, projects or sites, for guaranteed performance and availability.

Cloud Deployment

Deploy a secure, best practice, high performance Tableau Server to your organization in just days in your own private cloud with our Tableau RapidStart. Delegate all the day-to-day Tableau Server administration to us so you can remain focused on your business. Connect all your data sources behind your firewall to your Tableau Server using our Tableau Data Bridge.

Rapid Report Migration

Convert thousands of legacy BI reports to Tableau with our RapidConvert service, in just days. Make all your data available to Tableau from any legacy data source. Create unique Push to Prod approval workflows from one Tableau Cluster to another.

Learn how Tableau solutions can help you.

Tableau Services


Tableau Consulting

Capitalize on years of multi-industry BI experience gained while working an array of Tableau deployments for Fortune 500s and smaller companies. Our best-in-class consultants help align your organization’s business strategy with your Tableau and other BI efforts:

  • Benchmark current capabilities and review business processes
  • Create or refine self-service BI strategies with Tableau in the center
  • Business analysis and requirements specification for Tableau development projects
  • Project Management for Tableau rollout and development
  • Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop best practices
  • Design and develop Tableau proofs of concept

Dashboard Development and Optimization

Top-notch solutions from the best Tableau developers you can hire. Our experts:

  • Integrate Tableau into your current BI environment so you can utilize every bit of your data in your visual analytic efforts.
  • Develop Tableau dashboards with advanced Tableau jedi tricks, cognitive science and graphic design so you can have the most compelling Tableau dashboards possible.
  • Create custom visualizations and advanced calculations in Tableau dashboards using D3, WebGL, R and other libraries.
  • Optimize Tableau workbooks and dashboards to be fast and responsive

Tableau Extensions and Development

In an increasingly data-driven world, the need for complex data visualization and analysis is paramount. We meet these client needs through custom extensions and API modifications within Tableau. These extensions provide features unique to our clients, and ensure our clients get the greatest value from their Tableau deployments.


Server Services

Starschema has both experience and expertise to provide professional services to all stages of Tableau Server life whether it’s a Health Checkup, Deployment or Migration; we can support it all.

Health Checkup – Tableau server needs a routine checkup to ensure it’s performing at an optimal level and ensure the governance standards are being applied. During a checkup, we look at — and correct — issues with performance optimization, general maintenance, and security remediation.

Deployment – Tableau server deployment is a challenging task to many organizations. Choosing the right hardware, topology, security and governance model requires deep understanding of both Tableau Server and Enterprise Infrastructures. Starschema can help ease this process and ensure maximum value through:

  • Deployment planning and specifications
  • Automated on-premises or cloud builds
  • Content management best practices
  • Administrator views using our purpose-built Palette products
  • Security due diligence and audit against compliance requirements
  • Ensure application monitoring and application lifecycle management

Migrations – both on-premises and cloud deployments have advantages and disadvantages, and each migration is unique. We help you make the transition as smoothly as possible. Our migration expertise allows your business to be self-sufficient with minimal support as quickly as possible.


Tableau Operations & Support

Tableau Server is a Starschema specialty. Our world-class Tableau operations and support team gives 24/7 coverage for more than 70000 Tableau users worldwide. You can count on our Tableau certified professionals around the clock to:

  • Build and operate custom Tableau Server monitoring solutions
  • Configure and fine tune your Tableau cluster for high performance, availability and redundancy
  • Cloud deployment, operations and support of Tableau Server
  • Infrastructure automation with tools we created throughout years of Tableau Server operation
  • Deployment, operations and support of Tableau Server on Linux

Products for Tableau

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Enterprise-class write-back and dashboard collaboration for Tableau

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Tableau Server automation for optimized cost and performance

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Robust security for building Tableau extension galleries without compromising the functionality of trusted extensions

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Real-time disaster recovery for Tableau