Working with the COVID-19 Data Set

Live Webinar on April 30 at 1:00 pm EDT

During this time of crisis, everyone is searching for answers. Governments, healthcare institutions, non-governmental organizations, and businesses large and small urgently need to make decisions about their future. We believe they should be armed with accurate, easily accessible, analytics-ready data. That’s why we collated, curated, and unified the most credible and reliable public data sets into a single source of truth data set. The Starschema COVID-19 Data Set —a free-of-charge public data set available on Snowflake Data Marketplace — is being used by Fortune 500 businesses, top tier media companies, global NGO’s and government agencies to make informed, data-driven decisions in real-time and power reports and applications as they respond to the global health emergency.

In this webinar, Starschema EVP of special projects, data scientist and epidemiologist, Kristof Csefalvay, will explain how to access the data set, best practices for using the data and will share two real-world use cases — analyzing the data to gain insight into how states are progressing toward meeting proposed U.S. federal guidelines for reopening and analyzing mobility data and business performance with Google mobility data.

Working with the COVID-19 Data Set
Kristof Csefalvay

Chris Csefalvay is Starschema's VP for Special Projects, having previously served as Principal Data Scientist at Starschema. As a data scientist with over 10 years' experience, he has pioneered AI approaches in epidemiology, earth observation and digital signal processing. Educated at Oxford and Cardiff, he has worked in data science roles for companies across Europe and the Americas and holds a number of patents in the field of machine learning, AI and DSP.