Cloud Security Best Practices That Organizations Often Overlook When Migrating

Even at the most demanding enterprises, security remains an often overlooked aspect of the cloud adoption journey. Official documentation from cloud service providers may cover the technical essentials that an organization needs to put in place when migrating to ensure security, but how and when these are implemented will have a lasting impact on your security outcome.

Read this white paper to learn

  • how to plan your cloud architecture with a focus on security;
  • how to manage implementation partnerships when migrating;
  • what steps to take after migrating to maintain optimal security.

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Enterprise-Scale AWS Cloud Migration

Our client, a Fortune 50 energy company needed to migrate all their existing data and analytics platforms to Amazon Web Services and redesign the existing architecture to leverage AWS-native technologies. This was an initiative to optimize performance and reduce long-term operation costs by taking advantage of recent advancements with AWS cloud-native solutions.

AWS Cloud Migration

A proven framework for flexible and effective enterprise-scale migration, supported by customizable proprietary automation tools to enable clients to quickly realize the benefits of the cloud and fully leverage AWS-native solutions and services to achieve operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

Azure Data Lake

We design and implement data lakes to analyze data in distinct ways, gain insights and create value out of the data your organization generates and imports. Our standard BI Data lake solution implemented on Microsoft Azure platform is based on Lambda Architecture providing flexibility to process either structured data coming from traditional SQL databases or semi/non-structured data ingested from IoT devices, logs, documents.

Data Marketplace Architecture

A leading investment management firm improved the performance of its data marketplace with a new architecture leveraging Snowflake and dbt.