Data Visualization Project Planning Worksheet

Whether you rely on your in-house data visualization team or an external partner to execute your next data visualization project, this worksheet will help you clarify business objectives, user needs, deliverables, scope and other factors crucial to an effective project. Completing the worksheet will help you to

  • communicate more effectively with dataviz experts;
  • ensure timely delivery;
  • optimize cost;
  • increase the value of outcomes;
  • work more cohesively with a cross functional project team.

The worksheet is based on the methodology that the Starschema data visualization team uses to plan and execute projects for some of the most demanding clients across a variety of businesses, technological and scientific environments. We are confident that you will find this to be a handy aid for defining and organizing your data visualization needs and challenges, and result in more useful and expressive visualizations with less struggle along the way.

Thank you, download your worksheet below!


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