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ATM and Branch Cash Forecasting with ML

Understanding the smallest differences can mean big money. This means gaining slightest edge when it comes to accurate forecasting can set leading institutions apart from the rest. Dramatically improve the accuracy in forecasting of ATM and branch cash supply, increase efficiency, reduce cost and risk, and improves client satisfaction by combining the power of data with machine learning.


Customer Experience

Banking (or financial services) is built on relationships. Deploy advanced analytics for more granular customer segmentation to achieve better analysis of customer needs at various life stages, and develop targeted financial solutions and strategies that meet their specific needs.

Understand and recognize customer defection before it happens through active analysis of customer behavior. Using our churn detection algorithms, identify anomalies in customer behavior and flag early signs of defection to intervene and prevent loss of high-value clients.


Regulatory Adherence

Regulatory reporting is a chore — one that AI can help automate. Track adherence to mandatory regulations through the AI powered monitoring tool. Identify and correct errors and implement preventative measures to correct for repetitive compliance mistakes. Fully automate reporting to reduce risk and stay compliant within the regulatory guidelines.

Achieve maximum performance and improve your compliance rating and adherence by tailoring our solution to your organization’s unique needs. We customize our compliance adherence framework to meet specific regulatory requirements such as Basel III, FHS and IFRS.


Enhanced Risk Management with Machine Learning

Risk is ever-present in the financial realm. Prevention and management of bad debt is a crucial factor in risk management. Our enterprise grade risk management information system (MIS) uses advanced analytical modeling and machine learning (ML) to identify risk scope within the customer segment, monitor delinquency, automate communication with clients.


Fraud Prevention

Detect fraud and identify anomalies with our IBM Identity Insights based solution. This solution combines historic and external data sets like financial transactions, web logs, relationship maps that allow institutions to become more effective in fraud detection and proactively take action to prevent future fraud, improve loss forecasting and increase budget accuracy


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Fast, Customized Data Visualizations Using Reportal

A global technology-focused investment management firm launched an initiative to upgrade their BI toolset. The team identified two key areas for improvement: visualizations were taking too long to display the requested information and the limited feature set made it impossible to build charts with the desired level of customization.

On-demand Webinar: Tableau-based Workflows Most Data Leaders Don't Consider

Failing to take full advantage of Tableau to drive organizational effectiveness leads to unnecessary overhead for users and missed opportunities for innovation and profit. This webinar helps data leaders to identify and implement more effective approaches to using Tableau by demonstrating an ideal framework for dashboard-based workflows.

An Agile Framework for BI Dashboard Development

Learn how to applying Agile methods and principles to BI dashboard development to ensure higher-quality outcomes and more time- and cost-effective delivery compared to traditional waterfall-style project management.